Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anything you can Ninja... I can Ninja better?

Rafael Nadal and Aga Radwanska showing off their soft hands and amazing touch but who flicked the backhand better. The Magician from Mallorca or the Ninja of Krakow.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Word of the Day is... Laces

So watch for yourself and see who broken lace is more dramatic Rafa's or Tonya's. 

(Starts at 4:00)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tucked or Untucked

Madison Keys and Genie Bouchard are both wearing the same Nike kit but in very
different ways. Who wears it better?

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Masters of the Masters

The World Tour  Finals are essentially the World Championships of tennis then why do they stay in the same spot for so long when other olympic sports have a different host for each staging of the championships  They are called the Master Series in which you can gain the most points on the tour outside of the Slams therefore why not have them rotate through these five  venues that could host the event in November for the event that used to be called the Masters. Another option is to take them somewhere that doesn't have a Masters event such as South America. Having the event rotate between venues would make it more of an event because it won't be there for another six years. These five locations all play differently and two of them have the option of the roof while Paris is an indoor venue. The order I would but them in would be Indian Wells, Madrid (which would be on clay) , Miami, Shanghai, Paris. With Madrid on clay you get the variety of surfaces which would make it a more interesting stop in the rotation of the Finals. Of the nine thousand points available to the winners of the Masters events six thousand of the are come from purely outdoor events. So why should the biggest Masters event be where the least amount of points are given. Another venue could be the Olympic tennis stadium in Rio after it is used for the Olympics. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tokyo Towel Dance

Tokyo has a roof but during a short rain delay Tuesday during the Jankovic/Morita.  For the duration of the delay it did not seem like the roof was closed but more of a exercise in how many different ways can we try to dry the court with towels and fans. Even Shino made an appearance.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Greatest Commercials In Tennis

The US Open Series is upon us and it made me think of those awesome commercials with the players that stopped in 2010. Here are some of my favorites.

2008 Bus commercials everybodyguys taking a ROADTRIP!!!!

It Must Be Love... 

Rafa works at his hobby and then gives us a recipe.... 

Maria really could have done better. She apparently takes her nap time very seriously. 

Serena and Roddick talk twitter

The Real US Open Series

Half of these players are retired

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Paris Pondering

Wonder if she knows about Rafa's football connections and that he is really just a tennis leftie.

They just happen to be ranked in the two spots ahead of her boyfriend. Also this happened.... yes that would be Benoit Paire himself retweeting it.

Bold choice Andy. 

While he has been away from Paris Andy Murray won the first week with his tweets. He is a Aga fan, possibly invented the hashtag of the year, complained about commentators . Which lead me to the conclusion is really bored sitting in home or he is just letting his inner tennis dork free while he can. 

I am still not sure if he confused Ula with Aga here but maybe the ninja skills are genetic. Also blonde Aga confuses things. 

He really goes wild on Saturday night

  • Extended fifth sets are not a Grand Slam problem. It is a John Isner playing Grand Slam tennis problem. That is two years in a row that he has lost in an extended fifth set at Roland Garros alone. 
  • Tennis coverage on weekends & holidays (Memorial & Labor Day) is rough. They show what they think will catch the casual viewers eye. It is unfortunate for the hardcores but they do what they think will make them the most money. If you pay for tennis tv, tennis channel or possibly both and for those few hours that the Slam is getting national network tv exposure then I really don't think the tennis gods will smite you if you pop open a stream to watch a match or two. Yes it is not ideal but it is a better use of the time the match is on to be using a yes somewhat shady resource to get to watch what you want. 
  • Serena is looking amazing so far but the quarterfinals are the obstacle that has stopped her from adding to the only single trophy in her Grand Slam collection. She faces Sveta next who beat her in this very round on the way to winning in 2009. Will there be a different outcome Tuesday? 
  • In Rafa's first two matches especially he has not had the edge that he usually does and there have been some unexpected happening for someone who has won an event seven times but of one who is coming back from a extended break from the game. When he stepped on the court Monday he had not been on the grand slam stage in eleven months. Do the reaction to the results have more to do with where they are happening rather than what actually happened? Say that this was the US Open, would you look at Rafa dropping a set to Brands and in real threat of going down two sets to love in the first round with the same shock. Then in the second round again losing the first set to Klizan another hard hitter who he had never faced. In a way it takes me back to Wimbledon 2011 Serena in her first Slam back from her long heath battle and to my memory the talk was that she was going to come back and win "because she is Serena", "because its Wimbledon". Which while I think it was a good for them to time their come backs before their most successful Slams. It makes the expectations seem even greater because of the history they have at these events. There were improvements in the Fognini match and he can only improve and gain rhythm going into the second week. The sun is all expected to be shining on Monday at least. 
  • This is shaping up to be the year of the 30- something Tommy. Both Haas & Robredo are through to the quarterfinals.