Friday, April 17, 2015

Thought Dump 4/17 : Monte Carlo, Fed Cup

  • When Rafa failed to serve out the match in the second set the Tennis Channel commentators seemed to fall back on the "here we go again he is lacking confidence". It could totally be seen as that since he had a point to go up 4-love earlier in the set. Then Rafa started the game to stay in the set with a double fault before saving a set point he ended up losing the set he once lead by a double break. It would have been great for the match to have been shorter and such. How Rafa started the third set with a break and then digging out of several 0-30 service game deficits and saving a break point. Which do you think would build confidence better closing a match out simply or falling behind and then coming back to close it out how you intended to in the first place. 
  • The past two matches seem like Rafa is channeling his inner Claypova with the epic struggles.
  • Narrative would say that who ever wins tomorrows Rafa/Novak match would be the "early favorite" for Roland Garros but it won't. 
  • Rafa is still building up his confidence. Novak seems unstoppable. This makes me seem like Rafa has "less" to lose than Novak. 
  • Twitter is a important part of my tennis viewing experience. Yet this morning I found myself watching from Monte Carlo without also following along on twitter. Usually this happens during early clay season when there is not much to follow such as Charleston or Monte Carlo. It is refreshing to watch a match without the white noise that twitter sometimes becomes when there is only one or two matches happening at the given time. 
  • I have been looking forward to this Fed Cup weekend since the match ups have been set. 
    • Kivitova/Mladenovic has the ability to be a great match between two hard hitters. There is the question mark of if Petra will be rusty after the time she has taken off or if it will have refreshed her. Petra will also have the home Fed Cup crowd which she is known to thrive in front of and that did not phase Kiki in Italy. Hopefully this is a good kick off for Petra as she heads into her most succcesful part of the season that has just been expanded. 
  • Germany/Russia
    • Captian Rittner has thrown a curve ball by not calling on Petkovic or newly crowned Charleston champion Kerber in Sochi. Instead the match ups for the first day will be Goreges/Kuznetsova and Pavlyuchenkova Lisicki. These two matches could be glorious examples of hard hitting clay court tennis or beautiful disasters and a two rubbers to zero lead for either team would not suprise me. Most likely is a 1-1 tie going into Sunday with  all to play for. 
  • Aga vs Hingis in SINGLES. Also Bacinszky returns for her first match since losing to Serena in Indian Wells in the Poland/Switzerland World Group Playoff. 
  • Serena vs Camila Giorgi. On Clay. In Italy. 
  • Laura hitting forehands!
    A video posted by Laura Robson (@laurarobson5) on

    Thursday, January 15, 2015


    So for the Australian Open Nike decided that Rafa should live the hot pink life. The sparkly dark pink stripe on his shorts seemed all too familiar. I then realized it was very similar to the shades of pink the US Women's National Gymnastics Team during the 2009-2012 quad. Welcome to Hot Pink Nation Rafa.  

    Exhibit A
     Exhibit B 
    Exhibit C

    Friday, September 26, 2014

    Got Carrots....

    So a do they have a giant bunny in the players lounge in Beijing? Are those carrots organic?

    Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Anything you can Ninja... I can Ninja better?

    Rafael Nadal and Aga Radwanska showing off their soft hands and amazing touch but who flicked the backhand better. The Magician from Mallorca or the Ninja of Krakow.

    Monday, January 20, 2014

    The Word of the Day is... Laces

    So watch for yourself and see who broken lace is more dramatic Rafa's or Tonya's. 

    (Starts at 4:00)

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    Tucked or Untucked

    Madison Keys and Genie Bouchard are both wearing the same Nike kit but in very
    different ways. Who wears it better?

    Friday, November 8, 2013

    The Masters of the Masters

    The World Tour  Finals are essentially the World Championships of tennis then why do they stay in the same spot for so long when other olympic sports have a different host for each staging of the championships  They are called the Master Series in which you can gain the most points on the tour outside of the Slams therefore why not have them rotate through these five  venues that could host the event in November for the event that used to be called the Masters. Another option is to take them somewhere that doesn't have a Masters event such as South America. Having the event rotate between venues would make it more of an event because it won't be there for another six years. These five locations all play differently and two of them have the option of the roof while Paris is an indoor venue. The order I would but them in would be Indian Wells, Madrid (which would be on clay) , Miami, Shanghai, Paris. With Madrid on clay you get the variety of surfaces which would make it a more interesting stop in the rotation of the Finals. Of the nine thousand points available to the winners of the Masters events six thousand of the are come from purely outdoor events. So why should the biggest Masters event be where the least amount of points are given. Another venue could be the Olympic tennis stadium in Rio after it is used for the Olympics.